Royal Mail’s first special stamps of 2021 celebrates UK’s National Parks

Taz Ali, PA
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The Royal Mail has revealed its first special stamps issue of 2021 which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of Britain’s first National Parks.

The stamps include images of some of the UK’s most popular and visited landscapes, featuring the Peak District, the Lake District, Snowdonia, Dartmoor, North York Moors, The Broads, New Forest, South Downs, Pembrokeshire Coast and Loch Lomond and The Trossachs.

National Parks Pembrokeshire Coast
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks Peak District
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks Dartmoor
(Royal Mail/PA)

The collection covers a range of natural environments, from cold tundra to temperate rainforest, from gigantic sea cliffs to rolling chalk hills, from razor-sharp mountains to marshy wetlands.

They are described as places where people have lived, worked, worshipped, farmed and traded for centuries, in ways that have shaped — and been shaped by — the surrounding environment.

National Parks North York Moors
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks New Forest
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks Lake District
(Royal Mail/PA)

The National Parks were created after decades of public effort to open up the countryside to ordinary people, and were formed in the same post-war rebuilding effort as the NHS.

Next year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UK’s first four National Parks – the Peak District, the Lake District, Dartmoor and Snowdonia.

In the late 19th century, the limited access ordinary people had to the countryside gave rise to the “right to roam” movement, and in 1932 the mass trespass on Kinder Scout in the Peak District galvanised public opinion after five protesters, including the leader Benny Rothman, were given prison sentences.

National Parks Snowdonia
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks Loch Lomond
(Royal Mail/PA)
National Parks Broads
(Royal Mail/PA)

Royal Mail’s Philip Parker said: “Ten spectacular National Parks have been captured in stunning photographs that reflect their diversity and splendour.

“We are proud to be able to share the beauty of these parks on stamps at a time when so many of us have had our travel restricted.”

The stamps will be on sale from January 14 and will be available at, by phone on 03457 641 641 and in Post Offices across the UK.