Ruth Langsford keeps her mum safe with kiss through window

Greer McNally
Ruth Langsford arrives for the launch at a hotel in central London for a range of clothes with QVC. (Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

After the government advised people to stay away yesterday, many sons and daughters around the UK opted to wish their mums happy Mother’s Day by phone or video chat. But not Ruth Langsford. She came up with more personal approach, while still keeping her mum safe.

The This Morning presenter visited her mum and even gave her a kiss, all the while making sure there was no chance of exposing her to any nasty COVID-19 germs.

Langsford posted the heartwarming moment on her Instagram account, as she asked mum Joan to “gis a kiss” through a pane of glass. Adding, “this is odd, isn’t it?” as the pair laid their hands on either side of the window.

The video stops just as Joan is about to cry.

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Only lasting a couple of seconds, the emotional interaction between the two women made fellow presenters Kate Thornton and Gaby Roslin both admit to shedding a tear as they watched.

Gaby Roslin's emotional response to Ruth Langsford post

Soon afterwards, Eamonn Holmes’ wife posted a follow-up video - again of her mum – captioned “This is what my Mum would normally be doing in my kitchen on Sunday!”

The clip shows Joan dancing around the kitchen showing off some fancy footwork for the camera. Langsford calls it one of her mum’s “greatest hits”.

Langsford has spoken in the past about regretting not spending more time with her mum, so she obviously decided Mother’s Day wasn’t going to be missed this year.

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Earlier this month, there were concerns that Ruth herself might have been exposed to the coronavirus when the presenter was classed as too ill to work, missing a Friday edition of This Morning.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford pose for photographers upon arrival at the National Television Awards in London, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

At the time, husband Eamonn said, “The bad news is Ruth is a bit under the weather today." Adding, "The Good news is Rochelle and I will pair up again."

Langsford was back on screen days later, but she did miss her 60th birthday celebrations that had been planned for the show.