Ruth Langsford: Working with husband Eamonn Holmes is exciting but also dangerous

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Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have been presenting This Morning together since 2006 (Image: Getty Images)
Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have been presenting This Morning together since 2006 (Image: Getty Images)

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have been together for 24 years and they’ve also worked together for 16 of them. While many people advise to never mix work and pleasure, it’s something that seems to work for the couple. However, Langsford reveals there are moments when it’s a bit hairy working with her other half.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the presenter talked about what it was really like working with Holmes and told host Kate Thornton, it definitely has its moments.

“He's quite exciting to work with, but also dangerous,” she laughed.

“I think we complement each other in the way that he kind of a maverick and he flies by the seat of his pants. You're never sure where he's going with something.

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“I'll start to read something – and he'll read it where it says my name, so he doesn't stick to anything. I quite like that. I tend to be safer, but also I reign him in – sometimes he needs reigning in.

“We're like yin and yang really – we feed off each other. We both bring different qualities and skills and personality to the same job.”

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While Langsford enjoys co-presenting, she describes it somewhat as two people driving a car which doesn’t always run so smoothly.

“Co-presenting generally is a lovely experience, but it can be hard because you've got to allow that other person in,” explains Langsford.

Ruth Langsford said working with Eamonn Holmes can be 'dangerous!' (Image: Getty Images)
Ruth Langsford said working with Eamonn Holmes can be 'dangerous!' (Image: Getty Images)

“It's quite like two people trying to drive a car. It's like you're breaking, they're accelerating. It is quite the dance, but it's a dance that I love, and we've been doing it for years. As much as we sometimes get on each other's nerves… I still love working with him.”

Working together hasn’t impinged on the pair’s relationship, but Langsford says there is one important secret that has kept their marriage successful.

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“When people ask you ‘What's the secret to your marriage or relationship?’ I do think respect comes into it,” said the Loose Woman anchor.

“You could love somebody... If respect goes, I think you're screwed. I would hate to think Eamonn would look at me and not respect me anymore or vice versa.”

The only thing the pair continually disagree on is how much they love each. Holmes is convinced he loves his wife more than she loves him, but Langsford says it simply comes down to the difference in their love language and how they show their affection.

“I call Eamonn my poet,” she told Thornton. “When I first met him… He would literally look me in the eye and say the most amazing things that I could probably only write down in a card.

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“I've got that kind of English reserve – I didn't know how to respond to it – it make me a bit kind of flustered! I know he loves me because he tells me all the time.

She continued: “I know I love him equally back - he thinks he loves me more. I just show mine in a different way. He's very gushing and sentimental and poetic and verbal, gorgeous and romantic. I I cook and I look after him and I go, ‘Why haven't you eaten that? Take that tablet and do this.’ That's my way of loving him.”

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