Rylan Clark says fame has left him constantly ‘worried’ about his public image

Rylan Clark-Neal (BBC/Leigh Keily)
TV presenter Rylan Clark (BBC/Leigh Keily)

Rylan Clark has opened up about his fears regarding how his behaviour in public might get perceived by fans.

The 33-year-old presenter spoke candidly about being constantly aware of the fact anything he does while out and about could lead to headlines during a frank discussion with Alan Carr.

In the latest episode of Carr’s Life’s A Beach podcast, Clark got honest about having to hold back in public so he doesn’t get labelled as an “a***hole”.

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The Strictly It Takes Two host explained: “I am not a complainer. I get embarrassed if I complain. If I go to a restaurant and it's s*** I say let's just pay it and go.

"I think that's because of my job. I'm so worried, so if I say ‘This is disgustin’, they'll say, 'That Rylan was an a***hole.'"

Clark continued: “I just go with the flow. I can't complain and I get embarrassed if I'm with someone and they moan...

Rylan Clark-Neal attending The Audio and Radio Industry Awards held at The London Palladium, London.
Rylan Clark-Neal attending The Audio and Radio Industry Awards held at The London Palladium, London. (PA)

“If I've spent a bit of money on a villa or something and it was running alive with cockroaches I'd say 'find me somewhere else that's different'.”

The former X Factor contestant added: “But if it's a meal in a restaurant of something and it's not great [I don't say anything]. If the chicken is pink fine, send it back but I'm not a complainer. I'd rather pay it and get McDonald's on the way home...

“We always have it in the back of our mind that someone's gonna go 'a***hole' and it could be completely valid.”

The former Big Brother star also opened up about his boozy antics during the podcast chat which is focused on celebrity holidays, favourite getaway destinations and fame.

The release of the backdated interview comes just one day after Clark received an outpouring of support from a legion of stars in the wake of the release of a video showing him 'demanding gear' during a night on the town.

On Sunday, a video was posted online showing the TV host out in central London in which he jokingly asked a fellow partygoer for “gear”.

He then added in a playful manner: “Delete that now or I will f***ing kill you.” There is no suggestion Rylan obtained or took drugs.

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After the video was released, Clark — who has spoken about his mental health problems following his split from ex-husband Dan Neal — received a wide outpouring of love on social media.

Later in the day, the former model star returned to Twitter to thank his friends and fans for their kind words as he wrote: “Cheers for ur messages. Proper decent. Not usually expected on here. Thank u x.”

The post also included a meme of EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy, referencing her soap character, as it read: “What doesn’t kill you makes you Sonia".

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