Rylan Clark 'held back' by TV colleagues after passerby shouted vile homophobic remark

Rylan Clark has shared that he was subjected to homophobic slurs while filming Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour.

The presenter teamed up with Rob Rinder for a three-part series, tracing the same route Lord Byron took in the 18th century across Italy. Their Italian adventure saw them explore cities such as Venice and Rome, with Rylan even making an unplanned stopover in Florence.

On Thursday morning, the pair joined Cat Deeley on the This Morning sofa to chat about their extraordinary journey. A clip from the show featured Rob and Rylan, who sported a stunning waist-length wig, dancing on a boat as they cruised around Venice.

Cat noted that they had chosen to include the offensive comments made by a passerby in the final cut of the show. She said: "You did keep it the bit where someone shouted derogatory remarks but then there were 90-year-old nonnas standing up and applauding you."

The House of Serenissima, a Venice-based drag collective, also participated in the duo's antics, reports the Mirror.

For the first time, they said, 'We're going out in public!'" However, things almost turned ugly when a man hurled a homophobic insult at them.

"A guy shouted out something really homophobic and derogatory. A young guy. I was held back by production. Stepney Green nearly came out of me in seven-foot heels. I would've been in court but I've got the best in the land," Rylan added, gesturing towards Rob.

The smash-hit three-part series is set to hit our screens again this coming Sunday, and has already captured the imagination of viewers across social media platforms.

Fans have been voicing their adoration for the show, with one absolutely beaming: "I loved it. It's interesting and educational. Funny and sad. You two are the nicest of people. Your honesty when you both share your experiences and feelings is so emotional. Can't wait for the next episode."

During a fascinating segment of their journey, Rob and Rylan found themselves in Florence letting their hair down at a club. Veering from the day's original itinerary of art and architectural sightseeing, they instead immersed themselves in the vibrant local nightlife and culminated in quite a raucous encounter.

In an interview with OK!, Rylan shared: "At the end of the Florence episode, I'm getting off with a French rugby player and Rob is dancing on the bar! ".

Expanding more on the unforgettable escapade, Rylan revealed: "That night was never supposed to happen. We went to the one gay bar in Venice and Rob at first said, 'I just don't know how to talk to people.' Within three minutes, he looks at this guy and goes, 'You look like Michelangelo,' and that just sets the night off. The way it ended was just beautiful."

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