'Sad street dog' completely transforms in just three months after adoption

Sometimes, the power of love can truly make a difference.

This has been proven true for a "sad little street dog" who came under the care of an animal rescue centre.

At first sight, one could see the stray was in a bad way with filthy and overgrown fur. It also displayed shyness and uneasiness around humans.

However, its fate changed dramatically when a woman came across the dog's photographs on Facebook. She felt compelled to give it a chance and decided to adopt it - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Things took a turn for the better from that point onwards.

Fast forward to today, the previously shy dog can now be seen romping joyously around its grassy yard, sporting a big grin. It even has a furry companion to play with and a cozy bed to nestle into.

To showcase this beautiful transformation, the owner shared pictures on Reddit captioned: "From sad little street dog to happy housepet in three months".

This tender story of canine redemption swiftly gained traction on the platform, earning over 1,200 upvotes. There was no shortage of positive remarks for the guardian.

One user commented: "So adorable. Thank you for taking care of him and giving him a lovely home and family." While another chimed in saying: "He's got such a personality! Shines through the photos. Thank you for saving him."

A third user added: "Aww. What a darling. Glad you were there to take this honeyface in and give him the love that all the sweet pups deserve."

According to Dogster, around 100,000 canines are currently homeless in the UK. Evidently, opening our homes to them can create a world of difference, not just to the dog but also to its human.

It's not just the dogs who see their lives change for the better either many feel a great sense of fulfilment by adopting. In this case, the Redditor pointed out: "He has done so much for us!

"He's so sweet and easy to love, and he has completed our first dog's life by being a patient and gentle best friend towards her (she can be very clingy)... It's been awesome getting to know him and getting to see him get to be a puppy! ".