Saudi working women face unique challenges

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While much progress has been made over the years for women working in Saudi Arabia, many challenges still exist.

"In fact the challenges women face are huge," says Muna AbuSulayman.

"The biggest among them is transportation. There is the problem of making appointments and going to work if you face a transportation problem, like if your husband refused to drive you, your driver traveled or the taxi didn't arrive," she explains.

Another major challenge is that the Saudi private sector is not ready to accommodate women.

"The Saudi business market in the private sector still poses challenges to both women and men but women face more challenges because the work environment and the regulations are not complete yet," says Abdullah Al Fozan, Chairman of KPMG.

In addition, society may not accept career-minded women and the workplace does not make allowances for working mothers, such as with the provision of nurseries.

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