Scarlett Moffatt slams British newspapers for body-shaming her

Scarlett Moffatt has lashed out at the media who are trying to shame her weight.

In a series of tweets, the TV star, 27, scolded various outlets – without naming one specifically – for trying to bring attention to her body in an attempt to shame her.

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

Scarlett angrily tweet to her 624k followers about the actions of some of the UK’s press, and how it damages mental health.

‘When online papers/magazines try their hardest to use unflattering photos and drag women down do they realise what they’re doing to peoples mental health. I understand it’s part of the parcel of being in the public eye but Body shaming NEEDS TO STOP!’

But she wasn’t done. The presenter then questioned what size she should be, after being shamed for both losing and gaining weight.

‘Tell me the size I should be please! I got slated when I slimmed down to a size 8 and I get slated when I’m a size 12. So please let me know what measurements I should be. And they wonder why young women are reduced to surgery!’

The two tweets got almost 10,000 RTs and a staggering 85,000 Likes, showing the huge amount of people that were on her side when it comes to newspapers making a spectacle out of celebrity’s body size and shape.

The controversy arose after the star posted a selfie to her Instagram…

A story later ran picturing her in the same outfit but from a less flattering angle, describing her ‘fuller figure’.

Fans were quick to come to Scarlett’s defence.

Seemingly, the Daily Mail had heard about Scarlett’s disdain, and since altered their article’s headline, replacing the words ‘displaying a fuller figure’ with ‘before sporting a more natural look in bare feet’.

(Credit: Daily Mail Online)
(Credit: Daily Mail Online)

Plenty more came to support Scarlett on Twitter, including a number of high profile and famous faces to join her in calling out media that attempted to fat-shame her.

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

The former Queen of the I’m A Celeb jungle was praised for speaking out about body-shaming, as well as raising the issue of mental health.

Speaking to the Sun, she said how it was ‘really affecting my anxiety.’

‘I spend days crying and putting on a brave face,’ she revealed.

‘I worry about the impact on younger girls like my little sister, who is only 11, and how it affects her and women as a whole. I want them to be happy in themselves, whether that’s athletic, slim or curvy.’

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