Scots mum petrified after unruly youths lob rock at window while baby was sleeping

An Edinburgh mum has been left petrified after a group of unruly teens lobbed a rock at the window of her family home while her baby was sleeping.

Shannon McIntyre was at home in the capital with her two children and partner on Thursday night when they heard a huge bang.

The mum raced through to her eight-year-old's bedroom as he played games before realising a rock had been thrown at the living room window, leaving the family shaken.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, she said: "I was in the bathroom and just heard this almighty bang. I shouted through to my oldest and asked him what it was, thinking he might've dropped something.

"My partner then told me that some boys had thrown a rock at the window. There's no damage, just a mark. It sounded like it was thrown with some force.

"There were five of them, maybe early teens. What worried me most, was if my younger one had been by the window and it had smashed.

"He's just learned to walk, and he has a ball pit in the living room. Imagine if it had gone through the window. In the video from my neighbour, you can see them all laughing and you just wonder what goes through their heads."

She added: "It's quite scary to have something like this happen, disgusting behaviour. I've lived here for eight years and never had anything like it.

"Usually it's a quiet area, and I know people around here. I don't recognise those faces at all."

Shannon's partner went out to see if he could spot the group but they had already fled the scene. Luckily their neighbour's camera caught the culprits fleeing.

Police Scotland have been approached for comment.

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