Scottish chippy creates the Crunchy Box to claim the title of Britain’s most unhealthy takeaway

The Crunchy Box contains a lot of meat (Picture: SWNS)

The most unhealthy takeaway in Britain has been created by a chippy in Scotland.

The Crunchy Box contains a massive 7,000 calories and is packed with an array of fried foods.

It is made up of chips, two pizza crunches, fish, two sausages, two hamburgers, onion rings, chicken nuggets and fritters – all of which are battered and deep fried.

In case you’re thirsty after all of that, the box comes with a two-litre bottle of Irn-Bru.

The delicacy is being sold at East West Spice in Greenock, Scotland, for £10.

Bahadur Singh, the chippy’s manager, insisted the meal, which is also known as the Family Crunchy Box, is designed to be eaten by more than one person.

“I just thought it would be nice to combine the ideas and bring something which would appeal to everyone,” he said.

“We put the deal on and people seem to love it. Everything is cooked in fat but the dish is big enough for three or four people to share.

“It’s definitely for the family to eat. People think it’s a great deal.”


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After the chippy posted an image of the Crunchy Box on its Facebook page, one web user commented: “That’s the most Scottish thing I’ve seen.”

Another joked that the meal deal would be a “nice starter”.

A Scottish chippy is selling Britain’s unhealthiest takeaway (Picture: SWNS)


2-litre bottle of Irn Bru = 400 calories

Battered sausage x2 = 712 calories

Battered fish = 444 calories

Chips x2 portions = 1,902 calories

Battered Fritters x2 = 370 calories

Battered Burgers x2 = 602 calories

Chicken nuggets x5 = 233 calories

Onion rings x5 = 750 calories

Half pizza crunch x2 – 1,400 calories

Total 6,813 calories