Scuba diver feeds lionfish to shark

Staff writer

Scuba divers in the Bahamas had an incredible encounter with several sharks, feeding them lionfish from the end of their spears.

Filmed on August 27, Chad Sinden catches the lionfish and then wiggles it in front of the circling sharks before one rips it off the spear.

The filmer told Newsflare: "You will notice the shark takes a couple of attempts to bite it. They have learned to bite in such a way that they don't get pricked by the spines."

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He added: "I sometimes have 20 sharks following me around patiently waiting. I have probably done 1,000 dives with these particular sharks before getting this relationship ship with them.

"I can scuba dive/free dive and snorkel with them and they just don't care about me, but if I enter the water with a spear they instantly recognize the object. So they associate the object with the food not the diver. Sharks are far more intelligent than we give them credit for."