Security expert reveals a major problem with Prince Andrew's account

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As James O'Brien was discussing Prince Andrew's interview on LBC, this security expert called in to point out a huge hole in his claims that no one has mentioned.

The Prince insisted Virginia Roberts' claim that he had sex with her on one particular April could not be true because he was at Pizza Express in Woking on that day - although he had no evidence for this.

But Tom called in to say that he will have very precise records and the fact he hasn't released them is very telling.

He said: "Prince Andrew is one of the principal members of the Royal Family. He's got close protection records which go back. The close protection records for the Royal Family are precise down to which building they are in because he'll have 24-hour protection for where he is at all times.

"If he wanted to be able to show where he was at all times, then he'll be able to.

"You'd think at some point after this furore, Prince Andrew would want to step forward and say 'Look, it's no problem, I can back up my story. Here's some evidence to show it.'

"He could then release details of what he was talking about."

And O'Brien summed it up: "And the point you are building up to: if he doesn't do that, why doesn't he do that?"