See Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer as first Female Doctor Who in awesome fan trailer!


The question of whether or not the Doctor could regenerate into a woman is one that has been debated for years; Tom Baker suggested it when the time came for him to hand over the TARDIS keys, Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman advocated a female Time Lord to follow Colin Baker in the 1980s, and when Matt Smith left the role, the debate began anew.

In the end, of course, Peter Capaldi took on the title role, and he’s done a fantastic job. But that hasn’t stopped creative fans from imagining what could have been…

The following fan trailer casts Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer in the role of the Thirteenth Doctor - it wouldn’t be her first time playing a traditionally male role, after her stellar turn as Moriarty in CBS’ Elementary.

When asked if she’d be interested in playing the role, Dormer had this to say:

“I would do any role if I thought the script was fantastic. For me it’s always about the script.
It has to be real human beings, contradictory, flawed, complex multidimensional characters. It can’t just be concept. You know, female James Bond – CONCEPT. It has to have quality in the writing of real human psychology.”

Seems like she’s a real possibility for the role then! While I don’t want Peter Capaldi to vacate the role any time soon, I’d absolutely love to see Natalie Dormer portray the Time Lord.

Of course, though, it could be a while still before we see a female Doctor - though Steven Moffat was a big fan of the idea, and a frequent proponent of it, his successor Chris Chibnall has never commented on the idea. Time will tell as to whether or not he likes the idea!

When was the last time you had your eyes opened?” asks Natalie Dormer, at the end of this video. It’s not just a reference to the eye opening experience that is travelling through time - the question is whether or not you have had your eyes opened to the possibility of a female Doctor.

Have you?


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