How shadow chancellor morphed from shady Trot to business's BFF

John Crace
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    Has anyone forgotten how the UK actually voted in the Referendum. It was 52% in favour of OUT and 48% in favour of STAY. It's not the Conservatives that favoured OUT or that Labour favoured STAY. In reality, the labour heartlands in the north of the UK voted overwhelmingly OUT and the Labour leadership had sold these people down the river as they would the rest of us once in power. As for the Tories, they are in a perennial struggle as to what they really want - there are hard Brexiters and hard Remainers and neither would give an inch. As the government of the day, the Tories have no choice but to abide by the will of the people and that is to negotiate an OUT deal. We may disagree with the result and plenty out there seek to overturn the democratic process but had it been the other way then I wonder what kind of response we would be getting now.

    Funny that all the demonstrations and anti voices seemed to only come from corporates, elites, "well educated", city dwellers, and well heeled individuals but I fear they have totally forgotten the "silent majority" who may well spring a surprise or two when the time is ripe for them to rise up.
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    Still a Trot
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    Neil Downe
    Still a trot but less shady, but they voted for Bliar and he fooled them three times.
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    And back to wanky trot again, when all this is sorted
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    V for Vendetta
    He hasn't changed all that has happened is the mask hasn't slipped yet!
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    The Karl Marx brothers
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    Why dont they arrest that bloke impersonating Arlene Foster?
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    He's only businesses best friend until they are profitable and then he's the anti-Christ !
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    He aint changed at all .Its all image just to get elected Once trot always a trot and a Stalinist inspired Ira supporting terrorist sympathiser.Corbyn ,Jeremy and John tweedledum and tweedledee ,the smiley loveable "Grandad" face of Labour.Vote for us we are so nice ,even the Guardian loves us,if businessmen are thick enough to be taken in by these two clowns they deserve everything they get..As soon as they step into No10 the big money will leave the UK leaving small business tax to pay for the whole fiasco and pensions and pensioners of course as Corbyn despises anyone who owns a house except himself.Sorry kids no free this that and the other this year ,no money maybe next year if the Unions allow it.I have to re- nationalise all the services and trains first and ..ooops I forgot they are all owned by EU companies but hey the EU will let me do that wont they ,wont they ???? A buffoons manifesto meant to fool the public who he thinks are to thick to see thru it,go for it Uncle Jeremy.
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    Career politicians, such as jezza, and his cronies never have anything but their own agenda, they will have thought they would not get the opportunity to gain the power to spread their seeds of dissent, anti-democracy, and underlying communist ideals, they don't have the country's interests at heart...thanks to the wonderful world of criminal hacking, giving a whole new meaning to vote rigging, and exploiting the anger, and rebellion of youth willing to cross lines which undermine democracy..they gain ground..