Who is Shahid Khan? As Wembley Stadium bid ends we look at the flamboyant Fulham owner

JOnathan Prynn
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Shahid Khan first grabbed the headlines in England in 2013 when Fulham swapped one flamboyant owner for another with Mohamed Fayed’s sale of the west London football club in a deal worth £150 million.

With his handlebar moustache and lustrous, though often unruly, hair the Pakistan-born car parts tycoon is one of the most instantly recognisable owners in English football. But the potential purchase of “hallowed turf” of Wembley will make him a major power player with a status in the game far beyond ownership of a Championship team.

Khan, 67, known to friends as Shad, was born in Lahore, but moved to America in 1967, aged 16, to study engineering at the University of Illinois. His first few days in America were spent in a $2-a-night YMCA.

He made his fortune by developing a one-piece car bumper that became the industry standard in America. He became a US citizen in 1991 and steadily climbed the rankings of wealthy Americans. Last year he was thought to be worth more than $8.7 billion (£6.25 billion), making him the 158th wealthiest person in the world.

In 2011 he bought Florida-based Jacksonville Jaguars for $760 million, becoming the first owner of an American football team from an ethnic minority background. The Jaguars have been regular visitors to London. In 2012 they signed a deal to play a game a year at Wembley. For London fixtures the Jaguars are the designated “home” team.

After buying Fulham he began spending more time in London and his mega-yacht, the 95.2m Kismet, was more frequently spotted on the Thames.

He is said to get on well with another Khan of Pakistani heritage, Sadiq, the Mayor of London. He has also spoken of his love of London, even saying it has “better Indian and Pakistani restaurants than India and Pakistan”. He is married to his college sweetheart, Ann Carlson Khan, pictured with him.