She’s so scared, says husband as wife tries to leave Afghanistan

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A man from Afghanistan has said he is “very scared” for his wife who is trying to leave the country after the Taliban’s takeover.

The militant group moved into Kabul on Sunday after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, ending two decades of the UK and its allies trying to transform it.

Mohammad Yusuf Mahmoud, 46, who has lived in the UK for 29 years, said he has concerns the Taliban may have not reformed.

He told of how family members, including his 22-year-old wife, are currently in the country.

Speaking outside the Afghan and Central Asian Association in Feltham, Hounslow, Mr Mahmoud told the PA news agency: “My wife is there, I got recently married and she’s there.

“My cousins, my uncles and aunties are all there – they are all musicians and are famous in the country.

“I’m quite concerned about their safety and future.

“At the moment they haven’t said anything, they’re all scared and shocked because the collapse was so sudden – they were not expecting the collapse that soon or quick.”

He said his family members are “desperate” to leave the country.

Mr Mahmoud went on to tell of how his wife was at Kabul airport on Monday, when hundreds of Afghans attempted to escape.

He said: “There were firings and she was just sitting next to a window which was broken and she got injured because of the glass.

“It was not that heavy but it could have been worse.

“She’s so scared because we’ve had so much news about people being taken out of their house, especially ladies, young ladies.

“They have been taken away by some people, I don’t know who they are, the Taliban or activists so they are taking these people away.”

Mr Mahmoud added: “They are all trying to go out of the country, or at least Kabul because it is the most dangerous place to live.”

He told of how they can hear gunshots, helicopters, airplanes, shouting and people fighting at night.

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