Showbiz Quiz of the Week: How much do you remember?

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Have you been following the glitzy showbiz world closely? (Getty)
Have you been following the glitzy showbiz world closely? (Getty)

Almost two months later than usual, awards season is finally back and this week began with British stars winning big at the Golden Globes.

The annual ceremony was looking a little different when it took place in the early hours of Monday morning, but the triumphant winners weren’t about to let a little thing like making their speeches via Zoom dampen their spirits.

Elsewhere in the entertainment world, it was another big (and promising) week for event announcements, with the organisers of numerous festivals and much-loved music extravaganzas confirming their events will go ahead later this year. Fingers crossed for a jam-packed summer.

And, of course, there have been plenty of new arrivals and birthdays to celebrate. The question is – how closely have you been paying attention to the latest updates?

Our 10-question Quiz of the Week will put your showbiz knowledge to the test. Give it a go below...

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