'Why sign up?': X Factor viewers turn on absent Robbie Williams

Where’s Robbie? The Angels singer was absent for a third week. (REX)
Where’s Robbie? The Angels singer was absent for a third week. (REX)

It’s been another tough week for this year’s flagging X Factor series. After early favourites Misunderstood were eliminated on Sunday, Little Mix announced a shock split from Simon Cowell’s record label and X Factor was hit with the lowest ratings in its 14 year history.

And Saturday night’s episode was dealt with yet another blow – new judge Robbie Williams was absent – for the third week running.

While Williams tours in South America, Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers has been in his place, and as last week demonstrated, many viewers were left unimpressed and perplexed by the stand-in.

And this week seemed to be the final straw for the show’s fans, with many seemingly irate that Williams was a no show yet again.

One viewer wrote on Twitter “Why did Robbie sign up to be a judge if he was going to be away for weeks on end?” and another “Robbie is having a laugh. He’s not even there for his acts.”

Viewers were also left amused and surprised that Williams brief appearance on the episode consisted of him video chatting with his one last remaining act – Acacia and Aaliyah.

The teen girls, who were in the bottom two and sing-off last week, were forced to rely on Williams mentorship via what appeared to be a FaceTime call.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams wife, actress Ayda Field, was criticised by some of Saturday night’s viewers for making ‘constant digs’ at X Factor veteran judge Simon Cowell.

Indeed, a pattern has seemed to have emerged over recent weeks. Field will poke fun or even insult Cowell as she provides feedback to his Girls contestants.

Tonight it was Bella Penfold’s turn. Field told her that she didn’t like the song choice, but that she would blame Simon because ‘it’s more fun.’

And while some viewers saw the funny side at her ‘dig,’ others appear to have had enough of her continual swipes.

X Factor will announce the next acts to be eliminated on Sunday at 8pm.

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