'X Factor': Viewers left unimpressed by guest judge Nile Rodgers

The Chic co-founder stepped in for Robbie Williams. (REX)
The Chic co-founder stepped in for Robbie Williams. (REX)

X Factor hasn’t had the best of years. The singing competition has had record low ratings, questionable new judge choices and been plagued by technical glitches.

And tonight many viewers were left less than thrilled with Robbie Williams stand-in judge – musical legend Nile Rodgers.

The 66-year-old producer and co-founder of Chic filled in for Williams for a second week in a row, who is in South America touring.

While few would dare question Rodgers music acumen, many criticised him for taking too long to introduce the acts.

He also seemed to struggle remembering some of the acts names, including Misunderstood – who he was mentoring on behalf of Williams this week.

“These guys when I first saw them I thought they were totally professional. They write their own music, they’re great! Steph and Jeff…they call..

“Before I tell you who they are called…I’m going to introduce the song – it’s called Maniac…it’s going to be incredible…Misunderstood…,” he announced them as.

And viewers were equally surprised when Rodgers hit back at Cowell after he gave poor feedback to the usually highly praised duo Misunderstood.

Rodgers said he hadn’t wanted the pair to perform ‘Maniac’ and hinted that the show producers had ‘made him’ pick it.

“You’ve lost yourselves!…as a record producer watching this I would think these guys don’t have a clue who they are!” dished Cowell.

“Well I have a different opinion. Because I happen to know that you didn’t want to do it like this but because of circumstances you had to do it like this,” Rodgers retorted.

He even rather awkwardly plugged his new album, ‘It’s About Time,’ during the episode.

Viewers were also left frustrated by Rodgers overly nice critiquing. He praised act after act, despite in many cases the other judge’s brutal feedback, and even offered to produce boys contestant Brendan Murray album.

However, he seemed to save up his vitriol for the last contestant, Shan, who up to now had been one of the judge’s favourites and tipped to win the series.

Shan was the only act he criticised that night, and he claimed she was off key and ‘not consistent.’

“Now I am going to get booed because I know you are unbelievable but that was not a consistent performance. The money notes you hit but the lower ones they weren’t consistent,” he said.

X Factor continues on Sunday at 8pm.

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