'Be silent!': Good Morning Britain guest loses his patience with Piers Morgan

He’s known for shouting down guests and going off on rants during his Good Morning Britain shows, but Piers Morgan got a taste of his own medicine when an interviewee commanded him to “be silent”.

Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid were speaking to sociology professor Ellis Cashmore, Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, and transgender journalist India Willoughby about a row over whether transgender athletes who were born into a male body should be allowed to compete in women’s sporting events.

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Tennis ace Martina Navratilova had found herself in hot water last week when she claimed that transgender women had an unfair physical advantage and although Davies and Willoughby seemed to agree that could be the case, Cashmore argued strongly for equality and acceptance of transgender athletes.

But tensions ran even higher when Morgan’s trademark aggressive questioning style lead Cashmore to tell him to be silent.

Morgan was detailing the case of an athletics meet in Connecticut where teens were competing for a state title and a female-born runner lost out to two transgender women who were physically much taller than her.

The professor became irate at Morgan (ITV)
The professor became irate at Morgan (ITV)

As the presenter asked Cashmore how that situation should have been dealt with, he said: “I’m not suggesting that there’s an easy solution here. I think we need to embrace inclusivity.”

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Willoughby also tried to weigh in on the debate as Morgan repeatedly asked: “What does that mean?”

Losing his cool, Cashmore snapped: “Let me answer the question then. Be silent.

“Inclusivity means that we assign the person to whatever event their present day sex suggests they should compete in.”

Morgan complained: “I don’t understand what that even means,” as Cashmore shot back: “Well, our viewers will.”

The professor also had a heated debate with Davies who said that she agreed that transgender women could be at an advantage in sport.

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Reid later laughed at Morgan for being told to be silent by their guest, but he couldn’t resist one last dig.

He said: “I quite like being silent when guests are hanging themselves like that.”