Silent Witness fans complain they’re ‘totally lost’ after latest episode

The two part case Death By A Thousand Hits did not go down well with viewers

Silent Witness (BBC)
Silent Witness' newest case left viewers 'totally lost' because of its incomprehensible plot. (BBC)

Silent Witness fans were left scratching their heads after watching the show's latest episode, with many complaining they were "totally lost" when it came to the plot.

The crime drama aired Death By A Thousand Hits in two parts, the second episode premiered on Wednesday, 7 February on BBC One. The two-parter sees Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) find the body of a Burmese man on a deserted beach, and they try to piece together what happened at the crime scene — but viewers were baffled by the conclusion.

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In the latest episode it was revealed that Home Office worker Elinor Shaw (Julie Graham) had tampered with evidence, and was being blackmailed by someone over her missing son. The team discovered she wasn't the only one, and learned a tech company called Kascade has been stoking anger amongst the Burmese police force, which the victim was a member of, to push them to commit criminal acts.

Silent Witness (BBC)
In the latest episode it was revealed that Elinor Shaw (Julie Graham, right) had tampered with evidence and was being blackmailed by a tech company. (BBC)

Nikki, Jack and the team were able to prove what Kascade were doing in the end, but if the plot sounds confusing from it's summary then don't fear because you're not the only one to think so. Several viewers of the show took to social media to criticise the latest episode, claiming they had trouble following the plot and understanding its conclusion.

One person tried to be positive with their thoughts on the show, saying on X formerly known as Twitter: "I honestly thought this was a bloody brilliant episode! Until I got totally lost. the brutally of of murdering the anti terrorist cop and Elinor. Why? And yet left the Fish guy alone?"

Another viewer complained: "Not a bloody clue what went on there, but did sort of switch off because I was getting bored so...". Along similar lines one fan of the series wrote: "Anyone else lost with tonight’s episode"

Feeling confused by the case's conclusion, one person said: "Wait, what ??? The ending … what happened .. who was it? why was it ??", while another viewer responded to the show by tweeting a meme of Ryan Gosling looking confused after I'm Just Ken won an award at the Golden Globes.

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Sharing their thoughts on the episode, another fan said: "Not gonna lie, I didn’t 100% understand the ending but got too distracted by Jack & Nikki to care very much." This sentiment was felt by another viewer, who said: "#SilentWitness didn’t make sense to me tonight! What happened to the lady? Did she die? Did she survive? Whose funeral was Jack and Nikki at ??"

Silent Witness' new season will have ten episodes in total, with the last two episodes focusing on a case at King's Cross Station Museum where the bodies of eight people are discovered. In it, Nikki, Jack and the team will investigate the possibility of a serial killer who was operating in London two decades earlier.

Silent Witness airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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