Simon Cowell Has NEVER Changed His 15-Month-Old Baby’s Nappy

Not such a hands-on dad after all…

Simon Cowell did once joke that he wouldn’t change a nappy once his son was born, and it seems like he wasn’t exaggerating.

The music mogul has admitted that in the 15 months his son has been on the planet, he hasn’t changed one of Eric’s nappies. Not one.

Too cool to change nappies, Simon? [Rex]
Too cool to change nappies, Simon? [Rex]

“I still haven’t changed a nappy yet but I loved being a dad,” the 'Britain’s Got Talent' judge told Hello! magazine.

Err, that definitely isn’t something to shout about Simon.

In this day and age, surely a father, no matter how manic his career, should have the time or inclination to change ONE NAPPY? After all, it’s a great chance to have some quiet time with your tot, without the distractions of your phone, the TV or anything else that may be going on.

OK, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but it takes just a couple of minutes and is a pretty major part of parenting.

Mini me! [Twitter/Simon Cowell]
Mini me! [Twitter/Simon Cowell]

Just after Eric’s arrival, Simon told Sky News that he leaves all the nappy changing to his son’s nanny – but said he’s hands-on in other ways.

“I feed Eric, I talk to him and play with him, but I don’t think dads do changing nappies. I’ll leave that up to the nanny,” he said. We wonder if that means Eric’s mum, Lauren Silverman, doesn’t do nappies either?

Despite the resolution never to change a nappy, Simon has admitted he would like another child with girlfriend Lauren – ideally a girl.

Simon may not change nappies, but he does take on other dad duties [Twitter/Simon Cowell]
Simon may not change nappies, but he does take on other dad duties [Twitter/Simon Cowell]

But Lauren thinks if they have a daughter, she’ll be in for a tough time.

“The only problem is that I will feel sorry for her when she is older because she won’t be able to leave the house and no man would dare come near her because Simon would be so protective,” says Lauren. We have no doubt.

Whatever his parenting pitfalls, Simon says he loves being a dad and spending time with Eric. "He and I communicate very well because we basically like all the same things - Scooby Doo, Disney movies and laughing at the dogs," he told Hello! magazine. And judging by some of his recent Eric related tweets, that certainly seems to be the case...

Does your partner swerve nappy duties? Let us know in the comments.

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