'Simply the Best': UK Nurse Serenaded by Family After Returning Home From Hospital Shift

Lynne Lake works as a nurse at a hospital in Wales and her family showed their appreciation for her dedication by singing their own rendition of the Tina Turner anthem ‘The Best’ as she returned home from work on April 2.

Zoe Lake, Lynne’s daughter, recorded a video of her siblings and father singing as Lynne walks through the front door following a day of work at a hospital in Ewloe, Wales.

The Lake family has been showing Lynne how thankful they are through some type of applause or standing ovation during the coronavirus pandemic, something that helps Lynne switch from work mode to family mode.

“Today we serenaded our mum with a song. Most of us forgot the words though,” Lynne’s son Jonathan captioned the video when he posted it to Twitter.

Lynne does not seem to be bothered by the forgotten lyrics as she stands by the front door, smiling widely while her family claps and sings to her. Credit: Zoe Lake via Storyful