Is this the smallest coffee shop in the world?

A coffee-loving businessman has opened what could be Britain’s smallest cafe – inside a disused red phone box.

Luke Thorpe has transformed the disused BT phone box into a cafe dubbed ‘DiallingIn’, serving up coffee, tea and snacks.

Inside the box, which is 3ft 4ins wide and 9ft high and has been kitted out with a water supply and electricity, there is just space for a coffee-making machine and a small fridge for the milk.

Tiny – there’s just enough room in the phone box for a coffee machine and a fridge for the milk (Pictures: SWNS)

There are even a few stools for customers to take a break, but no tables. And if there’s a sudden downpour there is a neighbouring phone box that punters could take shelter in.

Luke, 31, rents the phone box in Low Pavement, Nottingham, from Brighton-based The Red Kiosk Company.

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He said: “I love coffee and wanted to open a cafe. It’s easily the smallest in Nottingham and potentially the world’s smallest speciality coffee and tea shop.

“I’ll grin and bear it in the cold and wind. I would rather be here doing something I enjoy than in an office, nice and warm, clock-watching.”

Coffee-lover – Luke loves coffee and wanted to open his own cafe