Smoke and Ash From Blue Ridge Fire Blow Across Highway Near Chino Hills, California

Smoke and ash blew across California’s State Route 71 on October 26, as the Blue Ridge Fire raged near Chino Hills.

Okky Masgono recorded this footage and originally posted it to Instagram.

In the caption, Masgono wrote the video shows “the craziest and scariest part of the wind from Monday.”

Masgono told Storyful he left his house at 10 am and said the Santa Ana winds were blowing the “worst and hardest ever in the last six years in Chino Hills.”

The footage shows ash swirling on the highway. As Masgono drives along the road, the smoke gets thicker and trees can be seen whipping in the strong wind.

The Blue Ridge Fire had burned at least 14,000 acres in Orange County, California, by Wednesday, October 28, according to Cal Fire. Credit: Okky Masgono via Storyful