We could soon see a video of a black hole moving, scientists say

Could we soon see it moving? (ESO)
Could we soon see it moving? (ESO)

Last week, scientists dazzled the world with the first picture of a black hole – an object never before directly imaged.

But the Event Horizon Telescope (a worldwide network of radio telescopes) could soon produce something even more dazzling – a video of a black hole in motion.

As more telescopes join, the EHT project should be able to produce more detailed images, and eventually video of the black hole

The researchers hope to see the black hole’s ‘accretion disk’, a swirling mass of matter surrounding the object, according to Harvard astronomer Shep Doeleman.

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Doeleman says, ‘If we had many more stations, then we could really start to see in real time movies of the black hole accretion and rotation.’

Doeleman says that the black hole in M87 can be photographed in time-lapse style, due to the slow speed at which it changes.

He told Live Science, ‘If we want to… make a time-lapse movie, then we just go out the next day or the next week.

‘And we might do it seven weeks in a row and get seven frames of a movie and then kind of see something move around in that way.’

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