Stacey Solomon tells her sons she may never want to marry Joe Swash: ‘I’m happy!’

Safeeyah Kazi

Stacey Solomon was mocked by her sons after she admitted she does not have plans to tie the knot with boyfriend Joe Swash any time soon.

The Loose Women panellist, who is expecting her first child with Swash later this year, was quizzed on her romance with the TV presenter by her sons Zachary, 11 and Leighton, six.

In an interview for The Sun, the pair asked: “Do you think you and Joe will ever get married?”

A shocked Solomon responded: “I dunno.”

Grilling her for an answer, they asked: “You just don’t want to marry him do you?”

In hysterics, Solomon added: “I do, not, no. I am happy!”

'Happy': Solomon admitted she is pleased with how her relationship is right now (Getty Images)

But the mischievous duo weren’t prepared to leave it there, They suggested it could be an option in a “couple of years” if Swash was to pop the question over dinner, something Solomon did not oppose.

The hilarious grilling comes after Solomon enjoyed a “rare” date night with Swash last week.

The couple posted a video of themselves listening to classical music on their way out because they had been told it was “good for the baby”.

An unimpressed Solomon told her fans that she “didn’t think Swash could name one piece of music” from the genre despite his protestations that he could hum along to Beethoven.

Solomon and Swash announced the pregnancy last month in a slew of emotional Instagram posts.

Swash shared pictures of Solomon sleeping and joked that he had been worried she had become “bored” of him, but was relieved to find out she “still loves me very much [and] has just been growing a baby”.