Staff Play Badminton in King's Cross Station as COVID-19 Lockdown Empties London's Public Spaces

While helping his daughter move out of her university on March 30, London resident Paul Halliday stumbled upon some Transport For London (TFL) employees playing badminton in a deserted train station.

With the UK in lockdown and TFL urging customers to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff members at King’s Cross Station killed some time by working on their serves.

Using social distancing, the staff can be seen hitting the shuttlecock over two signs and some tape that acted as a badminton net, in the video uploaded to Twitter.

While admitting that he “laughed like a drain when I saw them,” Halliday wrote on Twitter that the staff were under such pressure that it is “understandable that they would take breaks like this.” Credit: Paul Halliday via Storyful

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