Stanley Tucci Cooking Dinner For Robert Downey Jr Is The Purest Thing

Stanley Tucci and Robert Downey Jr
Stanley Tucci and Robert Downey Jr

Stanley Tucci and Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr enjoyed dinner at one of London’s most exclusive establishments this week – the home of actor-turned-foodie Stanley Tucci

The Iron Man star was in town to promote Oppenheimer – before the actors’ strike put an end to such activities – when he received the invite of a lifetime from his pal. 

Both actors shared Instagram round-ups from the evening and quite frankly, they are the sweetest videos we’ve seen in a long time. 

Robert was one of 12 people who sat down for dinner at ‘Casa Tucci’, the home of Stanley, his wife Felicity Blunt and their two kids. 

Prior to serving up the food, Stanley filmed a short clip explaining the meal (he served Cod alla Livornese which is a fancy version of cod with tomatoes, olives and capers, FYI). And despite his foodie credentials, the Devil Wears Prada star appeared adorably nervous at the prospect of cooking for 12 people. 

Stanley had nothing to worry about though, as Robert’s round-up of the evening proves. 

He shared a reel set to Frank Sinatra’s When You’re Smiling, which gave fans an extended glimpse at the cooking process, Stanley’s envy-inducing collection of cookware and himself giving the chef a congratulatory kiss. 

“This is the collaboration I have needed for my entire life,” reads one fan comment, which we couldn’t agree with more. 

Another of Robert’s insta followers wrote: “Not sure who is luckier. Stanley getting to hang with Robert, or Robert getting to hang with Stanley?”

This is far from the first time that one of Stanley’s friendships with a fellow celeb has delighted fans. 

Last month, he and wife Felicity danced up a storm at Harry Styles’ London Love On Tour date. The couple are also incredibly close to Felicity’s actor sister Emily Blunt, who introduced them to each other, and her husband John Krasinski.