Star Wars Day 2023: Everything released on May the 4th and meaning of the day

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Star Wars fans across the world will celebrate the franchise on May 4 (Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for Disney)
Star Wars fans across the world will celebrate the franchise on May 4 (Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for Disney)

May 4, or as it is known to one particular fandom, “Star Wars Day,” is today.

It’s an annual day to celebrate George Lucas’s beloved creation, whether you’ve been a die-hard fan since the first film was released in 1977, or you’ve been introduced to the universe via Disney’s The Mandalorian.

Fans may gather on May 4 for parties or major movie marathons, while others will be looking forward to getting their hands on new merch released just for the occasion.

But why is May 4 considered Star Wars Day and what can you do to celebrate?

Why is May 4 Star Wars Day?

May 4 is known as Star Wars Day due to a clever pun.

As any fan will know, “May the force be with you” is a common phrase used to wish someone good luck.

“The Force” is an energy field that connects everything in the universe. When someone says, “May the Force be with you,” they are wishing that the Force works in their favour.

Fans noticed that “May the Force” sounds like “May the Fourth”, so May 4 became the obvious choice to celebrate the franchise.

Everything released for Star Wars Day on May 4

While Star Wars Day was initially just a fan celebration, the franchise now celebrates the day with premieres, official events, and product launches.

Find out below everything being released on May the Fourth:

LEGO Star Wars

To mark the special occasion, LEGO Star Wars will be launching a host of exciting new products on May 4 this year.

The X-Wing Starfighter, RRP £209.99, is the newest Ultimate Collector Series version of the T-65 with an updated wing and engine design, and a new cockpit interior.

Meanwhile, the Endor Speeder Chase Diorama, costing £69.99, is the brick brand’s 40th-anniversary set.

And the Executor Super Star Destroyer recreates Darth Vader’s personal flagship and captures every detail of one of the largest Imperial starships ever created. It will be available for £59.99.

Lastly, the Pirate Snub Fighter is for Mandalorian fans and younger Star Wars aficionados. It includes stud shooters and a thermal detonator alongside minifigures of Vane and Snub Fighter Pilot. You will be able to get your hands on it for £29.99.

Star Wars: Visions — Volume 2

On May 4, the animated series Star Wars: Visions will get a second instalment.

The nine episodes are set to feature filmmakers from across the globe. They will be entitled:

  • Sith

  • Screecher’s Reach

  • In the Stars

  • I am Your Mother

  • Journey to the Dark Head

  • The Spy Dancer

  • The Bandits of Golak

  • Aau’s Song

  • The Pit

Star Wars is celebrating May 4 with premieres and product launches (Mark Mainz / Getty Images)
Star Wars is celebrating May 4 with premieres and product launches (Mark Mainz / Getty Images)

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures animated TV series

This Star Wars animated series geared towards youngsters will be set during the High Republic era and will see how younglings learn the ways of the Force.

It will be released on Disney+ and Disney Junior on May 4.

Disney Home’s Star Wars range

Disney Home will give Star Wars fans the chance to make their homes reflect their favourite franchise.

From a Grogu wallpaper and a Star Wars light shade to a Storm Trooper fleece blanket and a Darth Vader cushion, there will be something on offer for everyone.

The full list of their May 4 collection that will be available to buy at Dunelm includes:

  • Star Wars Grogu Wallpaper, £12

  • Star Wars Pendant Shade, £18

  • Star Wars Grodu 3D Cushion, £12

  • Star Wars Black Darth Vader Cushion, £12

  • Star Wars Imperial Storm Trooper Print, £57.99

  • Star Wars Grey Storm Trooper Fleece Blanket, £8

Funko’s tabletop game

Funko Games is releasing a new collectable card game that will see players go head-to-head to conquer the most territories using their characters’ unique action abilities.

While the cards are said to be coming out on May 4 across the US, the company hasn’t clarified if the same will happen in the UK. But, the Premier Set and the booster packs are already in the “Coming Soon” section for Europe. So, fingers crossed!

London mural

To mark Star Wars Day, Global Street Art will unveil a new Star Wars inspired mural dedicated to fans in Shoreditch, London at 9am on May 4.

Fans can visit the mural for free to take photos and videos in front of the artwork, painted by established street artist Nacho Welles.

Global Street Art will also be giving away exclusive prints of the mural to the first fans to arrive on the day. The mural, a unique tribute to the Star Wars community and history, can be found at 103 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JD.

Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who famously played Princess Leia in the film franchise, will be honoured posthumously with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The star will be placed on Hollywood Boulevard, near El Capitan Theatre, on May 4. Her star will join her Star Wars co-stars Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

Hamill said on Twitter that the star was “long overdue and so well-deserved.” Fisher’s daughter, actress Billie Lourd, will accept the star on her mother’s behalf.