Stockport council local election 2024 results in full

Stockport Lib Dems fell just short of gaining a majority on the council after a tense night at the borough's local elections.

Labour lost a seat each in the Offerton and Cheadle East and Cheadle Hulme North wards to give the Lib Dems 31 seats in total - one away from full control of the town hall - and Labour dropping to 22 seats.

Labour's defeat in the Cheadle East and Cheadle Hulme North leaves group leader David Meller as the only remaining Labour councillor in the area.

The Lib Dems were clearly confident at the start of the night - filling the council chamber with their members as results were announced - compared to a smaller number of Labour councillors present.

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Stockport Lib Dem leader Mark Hunter said he was pleased at the progress made by his group at the election, including taking seats off Labour and stopping the Conservatives from winning any.

He added: "We have a good track record of getting things done in the communities we represent.

"Stockport is a place with a positive vibe at the moment with good things going on in the town, and I think people were prepared to give us their vote on that basis.

"It was a good night for the Lib Dems in Stockport."

Before the vote, Conservative candidate Oliver Johnstone said it was looking like it could be a "difficult night" for his group.

Stockport Lib Dems have run the town hall for the past two years under a minority administration, during a time which has seen huge regeneration taking place, especially in the town centre.

No party has managed to command a majority on the council since 2011, possibly due to Stockport's diverse mix of towns and villages which stretch from the borders of Derbyshire and the Peak District to suburbs such as Reddish and Brinnington which are closer to Manchester.

Coun David Meller said it was a "mixed" night for his group.

He said: "We have - just about - prevented the liberals from taking majority control of the council.

"In some respects, it was always going to be tough for us this evening, we're defending seats in areas which the liberals are targeting."

He added that despite the result Stockport Labour "are progressing" in areas such as Hazel Grove, and that the group will look at where things didn't go well and look to improve.

Coun Meller also said there is a Stockport Labour annual general meeting taking place tomorrow where he will ask colleagues to continue supporting him as leader.

There were good results for the Edgeley Community Association, Stockport Green Party, and the Heald Green Ratepayers who all held their seats which were up for re-election this year.

The result gives the Lib Dems a platform to push for a majority the next time voters go to the polls.

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