Strangest Celebrity Sleeping Habits

When you’ve got a voice like Mariah Carey, you’ve got to do everything you can to protect it, right? It turns out Mariah needs a LOT of sleep to keep her voice in tip-top condition. In 2007, she told Interview magazine: “I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to.” Speaking to V magazine, she revealed another strange sleeping habit, saying: “Literally, I’ll have 20 humidifiers around my bed. Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room.”
Dark blinds aren’t enough for Eminem, who apparently requires extra special measures to make sure he sleeps in total darkness. According to The Sun, he once requested white noise played on speakers and the TV AND tinfoil wrapped around his windows in a hotel. Wowzers. A source said: “The noise and darkness gets Eminem the best night’s sleep. He uses the technique as he’s always jumping time-zones.”
Who knew Tom Cruise was a big snorer, eh? According to sources, his snoring is SO BAD, he actually sleeps in a sound-proof room - a ‘snoratorium’, if you will. A ‘visitor’ apparently told Daily Mail: “Whoever uses the snoring room cannot be heard outside the locked door. It’s very small, comfortable and dark, maybe a former nursery.”
Remember Lady Gaga turning up to the 2011 Grammys in an egg-shaped pod, a bit like the ones that used to contain those gooey aliens? Well, it turns out the egg wasn’t a one-night-only affair, with reports claiming she actually took it home and spent time sleeping in it too. An ‘insider’ told The Mirror: “She felt so at home in the egg on stage – she spent hours in it meditating and says when she’s in it she feels at peace.”
Pillows take a very important role in Stephen King’s bedtime routine. According to Lisa Rogak’s book ‘Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King’, Stephen once said: “I brush my teeth, I wash my hands. Why would anybody wash their hands before they go to bed? I don’t know. “And the pillows are supposed to be pointed a certain way. The open side of the pillowcase is supposed to be pointed in toward the other side of the bed. I don’t know why.”
Michael Phelps takes his training into the bedroom (ahem), catching 40 winks in a high altitude sleeping chamber which forces his body to work harder to produce more red blood cells and deliver oxygen to his muscles. The chamber also apparently helps his performance endurance. In 2012, he told CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’: “Once I’m already in my room I still have to open a door to get into my bed. It’s just like a giant box. It’s like ‘boy and the bubble’.” This may not have been on Sleepy People’s list, but we HAD to put it in here.
Charles Dickens had great expectations for a great night’s sleep (sorry). To battle his insomnia, it’s thought that Charles always slept facing the north, even taking a compass when he travelled to ensure his bed could be aligned correctly. He apparently also thought this habit improved his creativity.

Just when we thought sleeping with one leg out of the duvet was slightly odd, we’ve learnt about some of the strangest celebrity sleeping habits - and suddenly, we feel a lot better.

From using tin foil to block out the light to sleeping facing the north, have compiled a list of the most unusual things celebrities do as they head to the land of nod.

BRB, off to buy ourselves an egg-shaped pod.

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