Strictly Come Dancing's 5 biggest stories this week: Tony and Katya's feud truth revealed

Tony Adams and Katya Jones
Tony Adams and Katya Jones were caught in a heated exchange on Strictly Come Dancing. (BBC)

We can't think of a series of Strictly Come Dancing where there hasn't been rumours of a warring couple, and of course, 2022's cast is no exception.

Get all the latest on the truth behind the Tony Adams and Katya Jones feud rumours, as well as plenty of other gossip from the ballroom and beyond.

Strictly's 5 biggest stories of the week

Tony and Katya feud - the truth

Tony Adams and Katya Jones appeared on GMB to discuss their row. (ITV)
Tony Adams and Katya Jones appeared on GMB to discuss their row. (ITV)

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted Tony Adams and his dance partner Katya Jones appearing to fall out in the end credits of the weekend's show.

It looked like a heated discussion was going on between the pair, sparking rumours of a feud in the ballroom.

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Adams and Jones appeared on Good Morning Britain this week where they clarified what was going on - and it seems there's no smoke without fire.

Strictly argument Tony and Katya
The pair were seen arguing during the end credits. (BBC/ITV)

The former footballer said: “We’ve had two months together now. She’s been training me, she's a genius, the routines she’s putting on are incredible.

"And sometimes when I miss a step, sometimes she’s a little bit over critical and I just want to have a good time as well."

GMB host Ed Balls, who was partnered with Jones on the show in 2016, said: "But she always thinks you can do better, and that makes you better."

Adams added: “So I think it’s a balance between maybe letting me make a mistake and enjoying myself a little bit at times… I’m not an expert in this field.”

Jones joked: “We just don’t like each other at all, we don’t get on!”

What's going on with the dance off?

Molly Rainford and Ellie Simmonds were in this week's Strictly Come Dancing dance off. (BBC)
Molly Rainford and Ellie Simmonds were in this week's Strictly Come Dancing dance off. (BBC)

Yet again, two high-scoring couples found themselves in the dance off as Ellie Simmonds and Nikita Kuzmin battled it out with Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu for a place in the competition.

Simmonds and Kuzmin went home, despite both couples having achieved some of the highest scores of the week.

Why are the judges' scores not translating to viewer votes?

Craig Revel Horwood pointed out last week that the show is ultimately a popularity contest, and judges have warned in the past not to assume high-scoring couples are safe.

Whatever the reason, it makes for an unpredictable - and often frustrating - results show each week.

Ellie Simmonds raided the Strictly wardrobe before leaving

The Strictly stars said goodbye to Ellie Simmonds. (BBC)
Ellie Simmonds took her red dress home. (BBC)

Her Strictly journey might have come to an end, but that doesn't mean Ellie Simmonds is about to stop dressing for the dancefloor any time soon.

The Paralympic swimmer spoke to BBC podcast Access All about missing the fake tan, hair and make-up already, and admitted to taking some keepsakes with her.

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She said: "I've taken my two favourite dresses, my gold dress from my first dance and my red dress from my last dance.

"I probably won't wear them going out to the shops or anything, but they're definitely fond memories."

Nikita Kuzmin & Ellie Simmonds,++LIVE SHOW++,BBC,Guy Levy
The swimmer was also a fan of the gold dress. (BBC)

Simmonds also sang partner Nikita Kuzmin's praises, saying: "Nikita's amazing, what he did to adapt the dances. He's a 24-year-old, he's never danced with an individual with dwarfism before and it just came so natural to him."

She added: "We forget. I see him as Nikita and he sees me as Ellie. I've got dwarfism and he's got diabetes, we've all got a story to tell."

Helen Skelton says she was 'battle-hardened' before Strictly

Helen Skelton dances with Gorka Marquez in Strictly. (BBC)
Helen Skelton dances with Gorka Marquez in Strictly. (BBC)

Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton's tough year has been well documented, as her husband Richie Myler left her when their third child was just four months old and is now said to be expecting another baby with his new girlfriend.

However, viewer favourite Skelton has said that the heartbreak put her in the best possible position to take on Strictly.

She told The Sun: "I came into this show quite battle-hardened. Strictly is probably quite overwhelming for a lot of people but for me, weirdly, I was actually in the best place to be in it.

“Other people were worried about all the attention that comes with being on Strictly, or baring their souls on the telly, whereas I was ready for that."

She added: “I love that my family are having a great time through me. And I am having a great time too. We are all talking about Strictly now, and that’s what I love."

Seann Walsh relives that Strictly drama

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones
Seann Walsh was caught kissing Katya Jones in 2018. (BBC)

Strictly alumni know that your time on the show never really leaves you - some in good ways, others not so much...

Comedian Seann Walsh was a late entrant to I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! this week, and of course was promptly asked about the stir caused by kissing Katya Jones while they were both in relationships with other people.

Seann Walsh is in I'm A Celebrity. (ITV)
Seann Walsh is in I'm A Celebrity now. (ITV)

He said: "To be totally honest with you, my poor ex, my girlfriend at the time (Rebecca Humphries), posted a statement. My girlfriend [at the time] posted a statement and that was the end of me.

“I said sorry. I sat on Jonathan Ross’s TV show and apologised. I sat next to and Samuel L. Jackson and apologised.

"That will forever be the weirdest moment of my life and I have to say probably the worst moment of my life."

Before going into the jungle, Walsh admitted his nerves, saying: "As you can imagine I was very scared after the last time I was on a big show because the fallout was not something you would want to go back to."

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.55pm on BBC One.

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