Support pours in for 'lovely' historic pub gutted by devastating fire

A devastating fire at a historic pub on the outskirts of Coventry has left readers saying the same thing. The owners of the Cottage Inn in Fillongley said that they have been left 'heartbroken' following the fire, which ripped through the 18th century building.

They say that it is still unclear when they will be able to re-open the pub, which dates back 300 years. It comes as major repairs will have to be made after the fire was started by a tumble-dryer on the first floor.

With the Black Hall Lane-based pub closed for the foreseeable future, CoventryLive readers have wished the owners well and sent an over-riding message - that they hope it opens again soon.

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Chris Golf posted on our page on Facebook: "Lovely place, such a shame. Hope they can rebuild it" while Nicola Hardy said: "Here's hoping it can be restored. Lovely little pub."

Holly Brown simply said: "Terrible ain’t it." On our story online, sogb 22 posted: "Such a shame…. Great place."

Anne g murray said: "Awful tragedy these old timbered buildings very treacherous in fire, hope all occupants are OK. Sad bet lost all they're belongings not mention livelihood /wages". But many share hope for a new future for the pub.

The huge operation to stop the fire at the pub earlier this morning (May 10)
Fire damage to the Cottage Inn at Fillongley.

Gilmoskyblue said:" Very sad. Hopefully, rebuilt - as was the Shambles in Lutterworth after a disastrous fire over a year ago. Its new thatched roof is very impressive!

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