Surge of pets hospitalised after falling from windows and balconies

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Vets suspect Mouse (pictured) fell from a balcony, causing two of her legs to break (BLUE CROSS)

Vets are asking pet owners to keep windows and balcony doors closed after an animal hospital saw seven pets falling from heights in a fortnight.

Six cats and one dog were rushed to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, within days of each other.

They suffered injuries after falling out of windows or balconies during the warm weather.

Seven-month old cat Milo was taken to the hospital after his owner found him on the floor outside the building of their fourth floor flat.

Milo sustained several rips and punctures after his owner found him on the floor outside the building of their fourth floor flat (BLUE CROSS)

Milo suffered several rips and punctures including one to the lungs which vets had to drain of fluid to save his life.

During the previous week, vets had to amputate the leg of a three month old kitten after she’d fallen out of a third floor window.

Vets at the hospital also treated a young dog after he fell from a third floor balcony.

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Caroline Reay, Senior Vet at Blue Cross, said: “It is a myth to think that cats will always fall safely on all four paws, which implies an open window or balcony doesn’t pose a threat.

“The number of pets we’ve seen during this warmer season are lucky to be alive after their falls.

“We see so many pets at our hospitals every year with shattered bones and internal injuries and sadly these injuries can prove fatal.

“With the hot and humid summer weather, please don’t leave windows or balcony doors open. If you’ve got a cat, don’t leave a gap.”

A member of the public witnessed stray cat Minnie (pictured) fall from a second storey window (BLUE CROSS)

The national pet charity also rehomes stray pets after coming into the hospital with injuries.

Minnie, a young cat who’d been abandoned in a flat when her owners moved out, had been brought in by a member of the public after seeing her fall from a second storey window.

Mouse, another young stray, was brought into the hospital on Sunday 14 July with two broken front legs, which vets say indicate a fall from at least two storeys.

Blue Cross is advising owners to put up screens and netting at windows to prevent inquisitive pets falling from windows and to keep balcony doors closed.

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