Survivor: what are the chances the BBC reboot has of surviving after failing before?

UK's Survivor hopes to mirror success of US show as it returns after two decades off air

Survivor returns to the UK
Survivor has returned to the small screen in the UK after two decades (BBC)

BBC has given rebooted reality show Survivor a facelift as it returns to TV - two decades after ITV cancelled the original show, but how will it fare this time round?

PR and Entertainment expert for Press Box, Lynn Carratt, told Yahoo of the new series: "I believe the reboot has a chance of being very successful. The public have a real appetite at the moment for reality challenge type shows. Just look at the roaring success of Race across the world and Traitors.

"It will also have the advantage of a prime time slot on weekend TV straight after Strictly, one of the popular shows on the box at the moment, which can only help with viewing figures."

Joel Dommett

Joel Dommett hosts Survivor
Joel Dommett has taken on the role of host (BBC)

Joel Dommett takes the helm as the new host for the series as 18 castaways are stranded on an island where they must outwit and outplay the other contestants for a £100,000 cash prize.

"Dommett is more in demand as a presenter at the moment than ever before," Ms Carratt said. "He has cut his teeth on prime time presenting with the Masked Singer and Masked Dancer and he has the likeability factor. In a short space of time he has become regarded by TV executives as a safe pair of hands."

Survivor US

Shai, Leilani, Matthew, Tinuke, Rachel G, Nathan, Laurence arrive for Survivor
Will Survivor be a success? (BBC)

The Survivor franchise in America has been a roaring success with 45 seasons and it's been on air since its inception in 2000, so is there any reason why it won’t take off here?

Ms Carratt explained: "The show's filming location of the Dominican Republic will only add to the drama and atmosphere of the show.

"18 castaways marooned in daily temperatures of 30 degree heat, foraging for food while competing against one another in challenges for immunity from elimination. It is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats."

Survivor - the contestants take part in the challenges
The show is filmed in the Dominican Republic (BBC)

Of America's success, she added: "Survivor has become a TV juggernaut across the globe and in America it has won a string of accolades and has been nominated for staggering 63 Emmy Awards.

"Survivor originally tapped into a demographic that loved the idea of elevating the status of normal people and it promotes the idea that anyone can win. It also brings a sense of danger and intrigue to reality TV.

"Now the show has a core and loyal fan base across the USA who keep tuning in to every season. On the TV and Radio news there is always widespread discussion about the show, which makes even more people want to tune in."

The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors. (BBC)
The Traitors was a huge success recently (BBC)

Hoping to mirror the success across the pond, bosses have also taken inspiration from successful reality series The Traitors which had the UK gripped.

Ms Carratt said the show hopes to capture the same "bloodless backstabbing" that captivated UK audiences as the castaways fight to be the Sole Survivor.

She added: "The Traitors stood out because it was a unique format reality show. It also had a wide range of ordinary people and a real variety of personalities.

"And looking at the line-up of contestants for Survivor we’re in for an explosion of different personalities which is bound to lead to drama. I also think there will be more bloodless backstabbing and it will be the people we don’t expect playing a blinder to survive."

TV cuts as reality series rise

BBC Doctors was axed
Doctors has been axed after 23 years (BBC)

At the same time of releasing this new reality series, BBC are making cuts on TV including the axing of favourite soap Doctors after 23 years.

There is a rise in reality TV available at our fingertips at the moment from Married At First Sight to Big Brother.

Ms Carratt said: "It’s like we’re having some sort of noughties TV revival with the reboot of Big Brother currently on ITV, the reboot of Waterloo Road that has already successfully aired on the BBC . And, upcoming we’ve got the reboot of fan favourite’s Gladiators, Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal.

Big Brother cast for 2023 series
Big Brother has been a success as it returned to TV after being off air for five years (BBC)

"There is always an air of nostalgia with reboots, the viewers are already familiar with the shows, and many will already have an emotional attachment to the programme and this often guarantees viewers will tune in to see how it compares to the original.

"The BBC are making cuts with the axing of daytime soap Doctors because the cost of producing the long running drama was becoming too expensive. They had weekly wage bills to meet and investments needed to be made in sets and locations and these costs were a constant to keep the show running.

"It makes much more financial sense to buy in a show like Survivor from an external production company to keep costs lower."

UK Survivor failed first time

New series of Survivor hosted by Joel Dommett
Survivor was off air for two decades in the UK (BBC)

Of course, we have to remember that while Survivor was a huge success in the US, the UK’s version of the reality show had flopped when it aired on ITV.

The PR mastermind pointed out the original Survivor had to compete against the success of Big Brother when it was first on our screens. Big Brother has also been rebooted by rival channel ITV.

Ms Carratt said: "ITV say they axed the original show because it failed to garner loyal viewers. The network also admitted that they didn’t give the show the support it needed in its launch phase.

Survivor new series airing on BBC
Survivor has been given a prime time slot for weekend TV (BBC)

"But, to be honest it was up against Big Brother which was described as the groundbreaking show of the time. And, while Survivor’s prime time slot on ITV ensured the programme attracted more viewers than Big Brother.

"It was Big Brother that was making the headlines thanks to its eclectic housemates, public voting and the buzz created by the 24/7 live feeds."

Catch up on Survivor on BBC iPlayer.

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