Susan Sarandon reveals shocking black eye after falling over and fracturing her nose

Rachel McGrath

Susan Sarandon has revealed the shocking extent of the damage caused by a fall she suffered earlier this week.

The 73-year-old actress shared a selfie which shows her eye surrounded by a deep purple bruise on Instagram, days after explaining that she had fractured her nose and been diagnosed with concussion after “a little slip.”

Next to the picture, Sarandon, who is supporting Bernie Sanders’ bid for the US presidency, took the chance to hit out at the States’ private healthcare system.

Certain residents in the US are entitled to Medicare - a federal health insurance programme - when they are aged over 65.

Explaining that she felt “lucky” that Medicare could “cover my visit to ER [the emergency room]”, Sarandon wrote: !Everyone deserves the same, not access, not pathway to, not option.

“M4A [Medicare4All] saves $. Nobody loses their home because of cancer, no rationing insulin. You know, like the rest of the free world. #bernie2020.”

The fall meant Sarandon had to pull out of Sanders campaigning event earlier this week.

Apologising for not being able to make it, Sarandon shared the speech she had planned to give on Instagram.

She said the US is facing an "emergency", citing climate change fears, the opioid crisis gripping the country and gun violence in schools across the country.

"This is not the time for a 'pathway' to or 'framework' for incremental change," she said.

"Emergencies require bold, visionary leadership. Senator Sanders believes in us and that together a better world is possible.

"He has been fighting for social, racial and economic justice his entire life, long before running for President, often before it was acceptable. Now it's time for us to fight for him."

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