Susanna Reid says she's sick of men telling her how to be a feminist

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. (REX)
Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. (REX)

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has revealed she’s sick of men telling her how to be a good feminist.

Speaking in an honest and open interview with the Radio Times, Reid, 47, said she fed up of the criticism over how she should act – citing it was men who were the problem and not other women.

‘It wasn’t women who were criticising me, it was the men,’ she revealed.

‘They accused me of enabling his anti-feminist views,’ she says of the male negativity she’d received after they claimed she was to blame for co-host Piers Morgan’s provocative attitudes and his own negativity towards the Women’s March.

‘The man sitting next to me was spouting off whatever he believes, which I don’t agree with, and I was trying to stand up for my views, and the right for women to march,’ she explained, after Morgan, 52, bemoaned women standing up for their beliefs and rights as he tried to make the conversation about men, suggesting there should be a ‘Men’s March’.

He slyly tweeted: ‘I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who’s with me?’ – to which Reid addressed his inflammatory comments on the following day’s show: ‘I think the trouble is, if you persistently describe feminists as “feminazis” it ruins your argument.’


Reid understandably reached boiling point as men in their droves would try to correct and police her thoughts and her responsibility to make other men better: ‘I had men telling me it was my fault he was saying this and I was just like, “I’ve had enough of men telling me how I should be a feminist. I’ve had enough of it”.’

The GMB pair are famed for falling out and arguing on-air, with a number of minority, gender, and sexist issues raised and debated on an almost daily basis.

She’s previously reprimanded her former reality show contestant co-host on a variety of provocative things he’s said, such as referring Meghan Markle to ‘the woman Harry is having sex with’ and putting him firmly in his place when (he frequently) steps out of line.

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