Taylor Swift buries Katy Perry feud with a hug in 'You Need to Calm Down' music video

Tom Beasley
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift bury their showbiz feud in the music video for Swift's new single 'You Need to Calm Down'. (Credit: YouTube)

One of the music world’s most turbulent showbiz feuds has come to an end, with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry squashing their long-running rivalry in Swift’s new music video.

In the final moments of the video for her latest track You Need to Calm Down, Swift dresses as a box of fries and shares a dance and a hug with Perry, who is wearing a hamburger costume.

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The two stars are believed to have fallen out in 2012, when several backing dancers snubbed Swift for a spot on Perry’s world tour.

Swift then addressed the issue in a Rolling Stone interview and reportedly wrote the song Bad Blood about her rival.

It seems that the aforementioned bad blood is now behind them, though, after Perry’s fun cameo in the 29-year-old chart-topper’s new video.

Perry is just one of a huge number of celebrities to make cameos in the video, which also includes Ellen DeGeneres, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and legendary drag queen turned reality TV presenter RuPaul Charles.

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Both singers shared pictures from the video’s shoot on Instagram, confirming the rumours they were planning a collaboration.

Perry even took the chance to throw in a pun, with the 34-year-old captioning her photo by saying “this meal is BEEF-free”.

Swift, meanwhile, declared the meeting to be “a happy meal”.

You Need to Calm Down is the second single to be unveiled from Swift’s upcoming seventh album Lover.

The song’s lyrics feature numerous references to Swift’s support of LGBTQ rights and the video ends with a message urging fans to petition for the adoption of the Equality Act.

It reads: “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all our citizens equally.”

Lover is set to be released in August.