Teenager 'offered £75,000 for sex by guest in his 70s' at notorious Presidents Club event

David Harding
London’s Dorchester Hotel (Rex)

A 19-year-old women who worked at the notorious Presidents Club dinner where female hostesses were groped and harassed by diners said an elderly diner offered her money for sex.

The attendee reportedly told the teenager: ‘I like that you’re young.’

The hostess also told the Mirror she was repeatedly groped during the evening by guests and believes prostitutes were at the party.

It is the latest revelation about the charity event at London’s Dorchester Hotel, billed as ‘he most un-PC event of the year’.

MPs have asked for police to investigate claims of ‘groping and harassment’ at the men-only  event, hosted by David Walliams – and PM Theresa May has even voiced her disgust at the evening.


The event was hosted by David Walliams (Rex)

Among those in attendance was Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who has since faced calls to step down from his post over the controversy.

Dozens of women were employed as ‘hostesses’ at the event, and ordered to wear skimpy black dresses, matching black underwear and high heels.

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The teenager told the newspaper that she was beckoned over by the old man, who she described as being in his 70s.

‘I will offer you £50,000 for sex,’ she claimed the man said. ‘When I said I no, he said, “OK then, £75,000”.

‘He could not get it into his head I couldn’t be bought. He assumed I was a prostitute. I told him my age and he said, “My youngest daughter’s older than you – I like that you’re young”.

‘It was scary. I spent the last hour hiding in the toilet.’

The teenager is a student and she said it was not the only ‘creepy’ proposition she had during the night.

Children’s minister Nadhim Zahawi was criticised for being at the event (Rex)

‘One man made me sit next to him and tried to spoon-feed me a chocolate dessert. It was the creepiest thing,’ she said.

The women added: ‘I know men had rooms ready booked in the hotel. In the after party all the men were groping the girls.

‘There were girls sitting on sofas trying to get away from these creepy old guys.’

She also claimed organisers said before the event that ‘men go to this event to have fun and get away from their wives’.

Walliams said he was ‘appalled’ by descriptions of allegations at the fundraiser and left before the after-party.