Teenager finds ‘worst message in a bottle in the world’ near Portsmouth


An excited Robbie smashing the bottle (Mercury Press)

This could officially be the worst message in a bottle ever.

An excited young teenager found a bottle with a message written on a piece of paper inside it while walking on Hayling Island, close to Portsmouth, at the weekend.

Robbie Chappell rushed excitedly home to read the message - only to find out it wasn’t about long-lost treasure, or a note from someone on the other side of the world, but from two friends who had been on a cocaine binge.

The note read: ‘Dan and Dan was here 1/10/16 12.19pm out our nuts on cocaine! Massive love for the sesh! Lots of love sesh gremlins.’

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His mum, Catharine, described the disappointing note as ‘the world’s worst message in a bottle’.

‘It’s got to be the world’s worst message in a bottle effort,’ she said.

‘We thought it might be something exciting from France from years ago, but actually it was from a couple of druggies the day before.


Robbie with the disappointing note (Mercury Press)

‘We were just walking the dog by the harbour and saying we should come down more often because there was a lot of rubbish that needed picking up.

‘Robbie saw the Heineken bottle and shouted to me that there was a message inside.

‘I said not to break it on the shore as we’d just create more mess.

‘I carried it all the way home in my coat pocket and we got quite excited thinking about what was inside.’

It’s not known where the bottle came from.

‘It’s probably not travelled very far at all given that we found it after one day,’ added Catharine.

‘Portsmouth is just across the channel and then in the other direction there’s France. I wouldn’t really know how many cocaine users there are around here.’

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