Terrifying near-miss as car drives on wrong side of the road at Scots beauty spot

A motorist has captured the terrifying moment a vehicle ahead was driving on the wrong side of the road as he feared a horror smash was about to unfold in front of his eyes.

Peter McIntyre, from Kinlochleven, was driving on the A82 near Glencoe on Tuesday, June 25, when a vehicle ahead sped up and drove into the lane for oncoming traffic - close to the same spot a motorcyclist was killed last weekend.

Despite Peter beeping his horn and flashing his headlights at the car, the motorist did not notice and zoomed towards a blind bend nearly causing a head-on collision.

Shocking footage from Peter's dashcam shows the black vehicle with a UK licence plate roaring along the national speed limit road, seemingly oblivious that they are on the incorrect side.

The car passes two blind corners then, while coming around the third, has to swerve to avoid a silver vehicle driving in the correct lane towards them.

The vehicles are just inches away from crashing but, luckily, a collision was narrowly avoided. Police Scotland have no record of this incident of alleged dangerous driving.

Speaking to the Record, Peter said: "The car came out of lay-by and straight onto the wrong side of the road. I started flashing my lights and beeping my horn to get their attention but they just kept going until they nearly hit the car on the corner.

"My heart was in my mouth because I could see the other car coming in the distance. I’m hoping he saw my lights flashing and slowed a bit. It’s quite a common occurrence here in the summer months."

He added: "I thought there was going to be a collision right in front of me, I was frozen with fear trying to plan my next move and slowing down in case it happened.

"I’ve met a good number of vehicles coming towards me on my side of the road. I’m sure it can’t just be me this is happening to."

The scenic A82 is one of Scotland's major roads that runs between Glasgow to Inverness through Fort William and passes by many popular beauty spots like Glencoe and Loch Lomond.

Tragically, just last weekend on June 23, a 35-year-old motorcyclist was killed on the A82 at Glencoe, close to the spot where this shocking footage was taken, leaving the road closed for five hours.

According to data released from Traffic Scotland in 2022 between 2018 and 2021, there were 22 fatal accidents on the A82 which is the highest number for Scottish trunk roads.

The road also had 215 non-fatal accidents recorded which is the third-highest number of any road in Scotland.

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