'The Celebrity Circle' shocks with face-to-face double blocking

The Circle - celebrity
The Celebrity Circle contestants (Channel 4)

The Celebrity Circle has shocked players with a double blocking that took place face-to-face.

Channel 4's reality show usually relies on players only being able to interact over social media, so they have no idea who is genuine and who is a catfish.

But tonight, they changed the game by asking the group's influencers to choose two people to send home and to go round to their apartment where they would break the news in person.

Sam thompson & Pete Wicks
Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson are playing as Rachel Riley (Channel 4)

However, viewers will have to wait until Monday night's final to find out who the blocked players are as the episode ended just as doors were being knocked on.

An opportunity to update the popularity ratings put Rachel Riley - aka Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson - and Denise Van Outen at the top of the board, making them the influencers in charge of choosing tonight's blocked contestant.

Wicks and Thompson were keen to try to keep the group all female as that is where they had been making alliances, but Van Outen argued that they should only be blocking who they thought the catfish were.

Denise Van Outen
Denise Van Outen (Channel 4)

Big Narstie, will.i.am, Kim Woodburn and Peter Andre's names all came up for possible blocking, but so far it hasn't been revealed which two were chosen.

Friday's episode ended on a cliffhanger as blocked contestant "Gemma Collins" - actually played by Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha as catfish - prepared to make an in-person visit to one player before leaving the apartment block.

Viewers saw the Loose Women drop in to see Big Narstie, who of course turned out to be Lady Leshurr.

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She had refused to back down on voting Saffron Barker out, thinking that the YouTuber was actually a catfish, but changed her mind after her chat with Adams and Sawalha.

Leshurr had further trials to come, as The Circle challenged Big Narstie to a rap battle with will.i.am (actually being played by Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom).

She won the challenge, but slipped up by referring to Prue Leith as a man in a rap about Big Narstie's time on Celebrity Bake Off.

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