The Voice: The Battles Round up

I feel sorry for the singers in this round. Rarely does the chosen song bring out the best in both of them.

I don’t know who actually arranges the songs, and I know you want to hear the singers put their own stamp on them, but it’s at the point where you can’t recognise the song. They all seem to become the same mishmash, as though they’re being torn in two by vocalists trying to take them in a different direction. Which of course, is exactly what the battles are.

Being honest, no-one impressed me that much. It was like I didn’t really care who went through from each battle, which is unusual – I normally veer towards one more than the other but not this time. Hopefully, back on their own next week, I’ll hear something that will blow me away.

Jamie won through even though he was intimidated by Stacey

That’s not to say I wasn’t disappointed that Israel, Hadleigh and Millicent didn’t get through, and I did begin rooting for little Jamie after Stacey intimidated him and blanked him. She may come to regret her attitude – it was possibly all part of the performance, but the creative industries are all about collaboration and support, there’s no room for arrogance until you’ve made it. And then there’s still no need for it.

Team JHud:

  • David v Israel, with It’s Your World, which suited Israel better but it was well within his comfort zone, so David got the nod for being edgier.
  • Jamie v Stacey, with Perfect Strangers. Smoother vocal from Stacey but raw emotion came from Jamie, sending him through.
  • Mo v Diamond, with A Change is Gonna Come. I agreed with JHudd, it had to be Mo but Diamond did well and Gavin steals.
  • Jack v Kit, with Ex-Factor. Has there ever been a contestant as arrogant and annoying as Kit? Thankfully, JHud picked Jack, who was just as good a singer but not so over the top.
  • Liza v Georgie, with Something. Beautiful battle, two lovely voices who melded well together. Georgie progresses, to represent the underrepresented jazz genre.
Liza and Georgie’s battle was one of few favourites

Team Will:

  • Shakira v Clara, with Bad Blood. The energy came from Shakira, but Clara’s vocal won it.
  • Lia v Victoria, with Final Song. Exceptionally close – Lia stays with Will, Tom steals Victoria.
  • Hayley v Jazmin, with Hold My Hand. Jazmin was more animated but Hayley slightly stronger vocally and duly progresses.
  • Michelle v Tim, with Nowhere to Run. Both excellent, soulful and groovy. Michelle goes through and Tim is stolen by JHud.
  • Jason v Lawrence, with Long Train Running. Bit one sided I thought, with Lawrence on guitar more than vocals – which I preferred listening to. Jason made it through.
Victoria and Lia had a close battle that saw them both through

Team Tom:

  • Dannii v Charlie, with Can’t Stop The Feeling. Dannii adapted her vocal style well and made it to next week.
  • Nadine v Lucy with Time After Time. Both struggled a bit, Nadine has the nicer tone.
  • Rhyann v Capital B, with I Wanna Be The Only One. I really wanted to love this but frankly, as with others, I’m struggling to recognise the song because of the arrangement. Tom took the duo through.
  • Craig v Septimus, with I’m Yours. This was a toughie, Septimus sounded much better than in his audition, Craig sounded a bit strangled, I think due to the song choice. Both likeable – a good natured battle, and it’s Craig who went through.
  • Into the Ark v Linda, with More Than Words. This was lovely, with minimal musical accompaniment so you could actually enjoy the melodies. Really good combo, with Into The Ark coming out on top.
Into the Ark move safely through to next week

Team Gavin:

  • Bosie v Keziah, with Why. Not particularly exciting, both quality voices and Gavin keeps Keziah.
  • Max v Millicent, with My Favourite Game. Max takes it because he’s weirder.
  • Hadleigh v Truly, with You Can go Your Own Way. One of the best battles but Gavin definitely has thing for Truly, so it was bye bye Hadleigh. He was your Stevie McCrorie / Kevin Simm I’m afraid Gavin. Boo yah to the rest of the coaches too for not stealing.
  • Carter v Tanya, with Superstition. Great dynamic with lots of energy. Carter wins, but Tanya is stolen by Will, so Yay!
  • Ruth v Sarah, with Young and Beautiful. Close, nothing to choose other than which style you prefer. In Gavin’s case, it was Sarah.
Keziah and Bosie made for a nice combination

The Teams as they stand going into the live knockout round next week, an altogether more satisfying show where we can hear them properly. (We hope – might help if the audience and band were dialled down a bit. I’m just sayin’.)

Team JHud: David; Jamie; Mo; Jack; Tim; Georgie

Team Will: Clara; Lia; Tanya; Hayley; Michelle; Jason

Team Tom: Dannii; Nadine; Victoria; Capital B; Craig; Into the Ark

Team Gavin: Truly; Keziah; Max; Diamond; Carter; Sarah

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