There'll be a limited edition Lamborghini PC case that looks a lot like every other PC case

 An image of the O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition computer case. It is black and grey with two yellow highlights and a lamborghini crest on the front glass.
Credit: Lian Li, Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini and Lian-Li are collaborating on a new limited edition PC Case inspired by the car manufacturer. The branded edition of Lian-Li's 011D EVO RGB case is quite sleek, for all that it's very much a derivative of Lian-Li's standard 011 model cases.

The limited edition of 6,498 cases has a prominent Automobili Lamborghini logo on the glasswork, and a coating of carbon fiber on the metals for that proper cutting-edge performance car look. Accents around the case, on edges and such, are in your much-loved Lamborghini yellow—Giallo Orion, as it's known. It also has a Lamborghini logo displayed on the interior high-res 5" display for your CPU/GPU clock temps, rate, and load.

I'm not down on the case as a whole, to be clear—the Lian-Li 011 has a spot on PC Gamer's list of best PC Cases as the best case you can buy for a show build. That is to say a build where you get a nice look at the insides of the tower. It's just funny to me how much like a normal 011 case the one looks. A bit of texture, a bit of flash, toss some branding on that built-in display. Done and dusted.

Like as not, that makes it the perfect case for a Lamborghini enthusiast who wants to put together a showy build for their own use or for their air conditioned garage slash hangout space. Which is something I am 100% sure many Lamborghini enthusiasts have. It'll also be something fans of Lamborghini's motorsport department will be thrilled to have, for a bit of team pride.

This is Lamborghini's second collaboration of note in the PC space in the last year, since we saw that absurdly expensive Razer laptop last year.

You can find the O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition on Lian-Li's website.