There's something not quite right about the name of this foot file

This is normal… (Picture: REX Features)

There’s nothing remotely nice about filing our feet – as shavings of dry, gnarled skin rain down on the floor.

So at the very least, it’s only fair to want a product that can do the job for us – and make it as bearable as possible.

Unfortunately, this foot file isn’t that product – and it’s all down to the name inscribed across the top of it.

Oh dear! (Picture: Reddit)

‘Pedi-file’, it reads, having inexplicably failed to raise eyebrows at any stage through the production process.

We’re not sure at all how it managed to find its way onto our shelves, but it was posted on Reddit – where it attracted quite a bit of attention.

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Commenting on the photo, one user wrote: ‘The perfect gift for your creepy uncle that everybody already suspects but have never directly confronted them about.’

Turning the screw, another said: ‘Hey you’re the one that bought/used it… what’s that say about you.’

And as one user pointed it, it could have been worse.

‘Callus phallus was taken?’, they reasoned.

Oh dear.