Theresa May has been dancing again - and the internet can't decide if it likes it or not

Theresa May has donned her dancing shoes again, strutting her stuff for the second time on her tour of Africa.

The Prime Minister was filmed dancing when she met a group of scouts in Kenya on Thursday, pulling moves some have dubbed the ‘Maybot’.

The footage comes just days after Mrs May was filmed dancing with schoolchildren in Cape Town, South Africa earlier in her tour of Africa aimed at improving trade relations with the continent ahead of Brexit.

Mrs May was filmed strutting her stuff again during her visit to Africa (Picture: PA)

But Mrs May’s moves have divided the internet, with some finding her steps endearing and others seeing them as pretty cringey.

Comedian Matt Lucas was among the PM’s fans, tweeting: “I would sell my house to watch Theresa May on Strictly”, while fellow Twitter user Tom Chivers wrote: “Theresa May dances like any one of a million white middle-class mums gamely joining in for the band’s first number at a wedding reception, and there is nothing wrong with it.”


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Oz Katerji tweeted: “Oh just shut up and let Theresa May dance ffs, we can’t all be blessed with rhythm”, while Peter Carr added: “I’m a massive fan of Theresa May giving that dancing a go when she knows full well that she looks like that when she tries. Big cajones move”.

And Tom Hamilton added: “My unpopular opinion is that I think Theresa May’s dancing is quite sweet.”

Mrs May’s moves have won some people over and left others cringing (Picture: PA)

But others were less generous about the PM’s entertaining antics, saying they made for uncomfortable viewing.

One Twitter user called ‘S Babs’ wrote: “Theresa May dancing makes me feel SO uncomfortable”, while ‘Sasha’ pleaded: “theresa may please stop dancing i can’t take it anymore END THIS TORMENT”.

Another member of the Twitterati suggested that the internet needs: “an app that blocks videos of Theresa May dancing”, while Mike Segalov pointed out that the focus on Mrs May’s dancing may be detracting from more pressing issues.

He wrote: “yes, Theresa May looks like a idiot dancing, but that’s not the most unpleasant part of Africa trip. trying to use aid spending as part of Brexit trade plans is grosser. privatisation won’t help tackle poverty or inequality. May used ‘private sector’ 9 times in Cape Town speech”.