This adorable puppy with wonky legs can go on walkies again with her £700 wheelchair

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Deformed puppy wheelchair
Deformed puppy wheelchair

A cocker spaniel who was born with deformed legs can finally go on walkies after she was given a custom-made £700 wheelchair to help her get around.

Ten-month-old Wanda has had to struggle getting around after she was born with her front legs and paws virtually back to front.

Despite an operation to put them back the right way, the legs began twisting again and vets advised Wanda’s carers that she should be put down.

Feeling ruff: Wanda endured failed surgery on her legs (Caters)
Feeling ruff: Wanda endured failed surgery on her legs (Caters)

But Kerri Eilersten-Feeney and Eileen Mellis, who founded Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal, Kent, refused to give up on Wanda set about raising funds for her very own doggy wheelchair.

Now Wanda is able to move around like any other dog – and she has been given a new lease of life.

Midwifery matron Ms Eilersten-Feeney said: “Wanda is our little miracle, she’s so determined and getting her a doggy wheelchair has been the best decision we’ve ever made.

“She’s such an amazing dog, she wouldn’t let anything hold her back before, and now she’s unstoppable with her new wheels.”

The friends, who managed to buy the wheelchair just 10 weeks after they began fundraising, added: “We’re just glad we didn’t give up on her, Wanda can now lead a relatively normal life, she’s never known any different…

“Wanda makes us proud every day, she’s come so far and now her wheels have given us so many options for the future.”

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