This rabbit mysteriously appeared on someone’s ROOF and no one knows how it got there

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

Animal rescuers are scratching their heads after they found a rabbit on the roof of a house – with no clues as to how it got there.

The white bunny was spotted by a passer-by who saw it hopping around on the roof of the home in Liverpool.

Officers from the RSPCA quickly headed down and managed to get the plucky bunny down with a little help from the local fire brigade.

Mystery: No one knows how Lily actually got onto the roof (RSPCA)
Mystery: No one knows how Lily actually got onto the roof (RSPCA)

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However, despite coming up with theories how the rabbit, called Lily, got on top of the roof in the first place, no one actually has the answer.

Matt Brown, Animal Welfare Officer from the RSPCA, said: “We had two theories – that the rabbit had been picked up by a bird from a garden and dropped on the roof, or that someone had thrown her up there.

“We got her to a vet’s and thankfully she had no injuries. However, we were still very confused about how she got up there as it is incredibly unlikely she’d have been able to have hopped up herself.

Rescued: Fortunately the rabbit hadn't suffered any injuries (RSPCA)
Rescued: Fortunately the rabbit hadn’t suffered any injuries (RSPCA)

”We had no idea where she came from either – we knocked on doors on the street but we had no luck in finding her owner.”

The owner was later identified as Julie Galway, who lives close to the house where Lily was found.

She revealed that she found Lily’s hutch and the garden gate wide open earlier that morning, suggesting someone might have took her and placed the rabbit up on the roof as a prank – although no one can say for certain.

Safe: Lily is now back with her owner (RSPCA)
Safe: Lily is now back with her owner (RSPCA)

Julie said: ”She’s definitely had an adventure.

“We’ll never know for certain how she ended up on the roof but thankfully she is fine and is back relaxing in her hutch.”

Top pic: RSPCA