New thriller The Night Caller lands on Channel 5 this week with star-studded cast

Robert Glenister in Channel 5's The Night Caller
-Credit: (Image: Channel 5)

Channel 5's latest drama offering, The Night Caller, is a gripping stalking thriller featuring Robert Glenister, famed for his roles in Hustle, Spooks, and Sherwood. In this tense new series, he portrays Tony, a taxi driver with an unsettling fixation.

Tony, once a respected teacher in Liverpool, has seen better days, having lost his job, self-esteem, and marriage. His solace comes in the form of Rosa, a cafe worker played by Suzanne Packer of Casualty fame, who becomes the object of his increasing affection, and Lawrence, a late-night radio talk-show host voiced by Sean Pertwee, known for his work in You and Gotham, whose show becomes Tony's nightly companion as he drives around the city.

Described as a "claustrophobic tale about the power of influence those with the loudest voice have over the most vulnerable people," The Night Caller charts Tony's journey as he musters the courage to call Lawrence live on air, feeling heard for the first time in years.

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However, Tony's interpretation of Lawrence's "worldview" takes a perilous turn. What starts as a relationship morphs into a dangerous obsession, leading Tony to a stark realisation that the real Lawrence is not the man he presents himself to be.

Discussing his character, Robert Glenister shared: "I was really intrigued by Tony and wondered why this man is the way he is. This is the story of a man who has suffered a major trauma that nobody knows about, plus he's lost his job as a teacher.", reports the Mirror.

"He has chosen to work nights and when we meet him he's at a very low ebb. He feels like he has been thrown on the scrapheap and then he finds solace talking to the presenter of a late-night radio talk show, who gets inside his head. And then it all goes Pete Tong! ".

He continued: "It was a bit daunting as a job because Tony is in every scene! But I also like the fact that the series starts as a thriller, and then becomes something far more involved, far more complicated and human. If the audience makes a decision about what the show is by the end of episode one they should keep watching, because the chances are the series is not what they think it is.."#

The Night Caller cast
The Night Caller cast -Credit:Channel 5

When does The Night Caller start on Channel 5?

The Night Caller begins on Sunday, July 7 at 9pm with the first hour-long episode.

The next four episodes will then air at 9pm from Sunday, July 7 to Wednesday, July 10.

The Night Caller cast

  • Robert Glenister plays Tony Conroy (Sherwood, Spooks, Hustle)

  • Sean Pertwee plays Lawrence Brightway (You, Gotham)

  • Suzanne Packer plays Rosa (Casualty, In My Skin)

  • Stephen Walters plays Rob (Outlander, Shetland, Slow Horses)